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Update: Sorry, the forums are down! I'm having trouble reinstalling the old database and there is the distinct possibility that anything on the old forums has been lost. :( For updates and a better explanation, please check my LiveJournal.

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"It's no biggie to thrash Ghaleon when I'm involved." - Kyle, Lunar Legend

Welcome to the Shrine to Ghaleon, the place for all your Ghaleon needs and home of the web's largest archive of Lunar fanfics. Join us in celebrating eleven years of the Shrine's presence on the web! Thank you, everyone!

Ghaleon PortraitGhaleon's History This little area contains all of Ghaleon's history according to the Sega CD version of the games and may not necessarily apply to the Saturn and Playstation versions.

Ghaleon Portrait 2Lunar Timeline Companion Writing a fanfic? Trying to argue your point into your fellow debater's head? The dates of the events leading up to Lunar: The Silver Star are provided here!

SD GhaleonThe Library of Vane This fanfic section currently has eighty-two stories and is the pride and joy that likely makes this site worth visiting. ^_^

Lil' GhaleonPoetry Corner Fans can prove their eloquence with poetry based around the Lunar games. All types from sagas to couplets are welcome.

Lil' Ghaleon 3Ghaleon Picture Archive Collection of Ghaleon screen captures from TSS , EB , SSS , and EBC as well as various scans from TSS and SSS .

Chibi GhaleonTapestries of Althena Ghaleon not being the artistic sort, this section dedicated to Lunar fanart is under the Goddess's jurisdiction.

Ghaleon Protrait 6Ghaleon Sound Shrine Voice clips and music themes of the Magic Emperor from TSS and EB . Also includes fanmade music.

Ghaleon Portrait 4The Shrine's Message Board Discuss your thoughts and theories with other Lunar fans. Or beat the snot out of each other on the battle board. That's fine too. ^_-

Lil' Ghaleon 2Lunar Downloads A small archive of wallpapers, Winamp skins, Windows themes, etc. based on the various Lunar games.

Lil' Ghaleon 4Frequently Asked Questions The Shrine to Ghaleon now has a FAQ. If you want to ask me a question, please check here first. I may have already addressed it.

Ghaleon Portrait 3Memorabilia Various things the Shrine to Ghaleon has collected during its existence on the web; previous quotes of the months, adopted Lunar dragon, awards, etc.

Ghaleon Portrait 7Lunar Links Galore! In addition to having the web's largest collection of Lunar fanfics, I also have the largest collection of Lunar links!

Lil' Ghaleon 8Site Credits The wonderful people who have contributed to the Shrine in one way or another to help make it the place it is.

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Ghaleon introducing himselfFeel free to e-mail me with your comments and questions. All the Lunar screen captures that are shown on this site were created by me or personal friends of mine. If you want to use them, you do not have to ask me for permission, but instead link back to and credit the Shrine to Ghaleon.

Are you watching in secret, Dyne? These children shine with your light. - Ghaleon

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