Lunar Whose Line Is It Anyway

(Music starts.)

Ramus:"Hyio!!"-Hiro Kaigashi. "Huh??"-Lucia Takemura. "Where have you been?!"-Luna Kotoma. And "Quit teasing me!!"-Alex Tamo! And I'm your host Ramus Carey, let's go down and have some fun!

(Ramus sits at his desk. Music stops.)

Ramus:Hello, welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway, the place where the show's made up and the points don't matter, just like my Bowflex. (Says other stuff. If you've seen Who's Line, you know his speech.) Like I said, the points don't matter. I just pick who I like the best, and the winner does a little something special with me... and the loser has to change Myght's diapers. OK our first game is called World's Worst. This is for all of you.

(Alex and the others step down.)

Ramus:These guys are here on the world's worst step and I got some suggestions from the audience and the one you're doing is "World's Worst person to replace Ghaleon." Take it away.

Alex:Not Ghaleon, dear.....(Starts gagging and coughing)*BUZZ*

Hiro:Everyone loves a Slinky, you've got to get a Slink...*BUZZ*

Lucia:(steps down)*BUZZ*(Glares at Ramus)

Luna:Take your best shot Dragonbo....hey, you're kinda cute.*BUZZ*

Ramus:I said 'replacement' for Ghaleon.

Lucia:Master Zophar, why do you look like RuPaul??*BUZZ*

Hiro:(pretends to pick nose) Is your Dragon gonna finish that fish?*BUZZ*

Luna:Hell Wav....(Starts looking like she has to pee) I'll be right back.*BUZZ*

Alex:Hi, I'm Ramus Carey.*BUZZ,BUZZ,BUZZ*

(Everyone sits down)

Ramus:Alright, 1,000 points for Luna, Lucia, and Hiro. Minus 1,000 for Alex. Hope you like your new job...

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