Magic Knight RayLunar

They continued through the woods with ease until they hit a dead end.

Jean: "Ruby, I thought this was the way to Burg Springs?"

Ruby: "It is, but I wanna rest!"

Lemina: "I suppose that's fine and dandy, but I'm mega-hungry. Got anything to treat that?"

Ruby somehow pulls out over-sized meals from nowhere for them. The group eats while Hiro strays and sits by himself.

Jean: "I think one of us should give a piece of food to Hiro. It's the least we can do."

Lucia: "I don't think so."

Lemina: "C'mon Lucia, he's not so bad. Why don't you give him something to feed on?"

Ruby: "Why does she get to do it???"

Everyone ignored Ruby as usual. Lucia reluctantly takes a turkey leg and goes over to Hiro.

Lucia: "Here." [drops the meat and leaves]

Hiro: [to himself] "I don't think she likes me. ::gets up and follows:: Hey! Don't go, it's gets lonely here."

Lucia: "I could call Ruby--"

Hiro: "Awe, you've been mean to me ever since we met. Can't you be nice and stay to chat with me?"

Lucia: [thinks about it] "I would be very interested in how you know the goddess."

Hiro grins and tells his story in elaborate detail of how he met Althena while trying to steal her sword. Then he continued to say that she let him go and gave him the Dark Scimitar instead.

Lucia: "Is that really true?"

Hiro: "No, I pull this baby out of the game by something called the 'Lemina Bug'!"

Lucia: "Huh? ::looks at Lemina suspiciously:: You lied to me!"

Hiro: "You know, you're cute when you're mad... and confused... and well, with just any emotion really!"

Lucia: "..."

Ruby: "OK, I'm full!" [yellow bow becomes red as it shoots out a laser at the dead end]

Hiro: [gets his Dark Scimitar out] "I think I know what to do..."

Hiro does a Poe Sword attck on the trees, unveiling the exit.

Lucia: "Let's hurry to the Springs!" [runs ahead]

Hiro: "Wait! There could be an ambush!" [runs after her]

the rest: "Ambush?!" [follows]

Lucia sprints towards the exit where Xenobia was waiting. She smiles evilly as she casts a lightning spell.

Hiro: "Look out!" [tackles Lucia and takes the blow]

Lucia: "I don't understand. You saved me!" [sees Hiro groan in pain]

The others catch up.


Xenobia: "Hello Magic Knights! After seeing a hairstylist, (no thanks to you, flame girl!) I came back. Being that I'm powerless without magic, I figure waiting here was the next best option."

Hiro: "Magic Knights?"

Jean: "Don't forget that I can use magic too! FIRE ARROW!!!!"

They fight with their magic.

Lemina: "No! If only I could use magic, I could help Jean! Wait a second, I use my own magic already!

Lemina uses a spell, but it has no effect. Ruby's bow shoots out a photographic image of Quark.

Quark: "Lemina, can you hear me?"

Lemina: "Quark?! You're alive!"

Quark: "Yes, but only as this blasted hologram. But enough about my crappy day, I have to help you learn magic. Can you feel the power deep inside of you? That's your magic. Grasp it!"

Lemina: "Whatever you say! ::turns to Xenobia:: WATER DRAGON!!!"

The spell smacks Xenobia, inflicting much pain.

Xenobia: [stumbles] "How--I'm WET! I can't deal with this!" [teleports]

Jean: "Thanks."

Lemian: "That's my good deed for the day!"

Hiro: "You three are really the Magic Knights?"

Lucia: [nods, but becomes worry] "Hiro, are you alright?"

Hiro: "..."

Another image of Quark appears from Ruby's bow.

Quark: "Well don't just stand there dumbfounded, Lucia, heal him!"

Lucia: "OH! ::raises hand:: HEALING WIND!!!"

Hiro begins to recover.

Hiro: "Heeeey... I'm alive! Woohoo! I'm like a cat with 8 lives now! I don't believe that you guys are the Magic Knights! I guess Grandpa Gywn was right with all those ramplings of you. I thought it was just his medication talking...I guess I should be off to find other ways to save Althena. Oh! And Lucia..."

Runs to her and gives her a big wet one.

Hiro: "Thanks!" [leaves]

Everyone: "What!"

Ruby: "HEY! He's mine, Lucia! Stay away!"

Lucia: Yuck! ::wipes her face:: You humans have strange ways of showing appreciation!"

Lemina: "I don't know about you Lucia, but you look to be blushing!"

Lucia: "Blushing? Is that why my face feels so hot..."

Jean: "Lucky you, I think you got a boyfriend now!"

Lucia: "A what?"

Ruby: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I like him!"

Jean: "Geez, Ruby, it's not the end of the world, *ahem!*, not yet at least. But that's besides the point. I doubt we'll see Hiro again, we need to go onward to the Springs."

Ruby: "*sniff!* Fine..."

~~~~Burg Springs~~~~

Ruby: "The Dragon Diamonds should be found in the waters. I'm going to stay while you jump in... and be put to to the death test."

All 3: "WHAT?!"

Ruby darts at them, making them fall into the waters.

Ruby: "Teehee! Good luck!"


Jean finds herself alone in an unrecognizable place.

Jean: "Great, we're separated!"

Nall appears as the baby dragon form.

Jean: "Nall?"

She comes closer as he becomes enraged and claws her.

Jean: "Ow! You scratched me, you little turd!"


Lemina finds herself alone.

Lemina: "It's so creepy here... Pooh! I want my mommy!"

Miria appears along with Borgan.

Lemina: "Mom?!....and BORGAN???!!!! What are you doing here?!"

They join together and blast her with magic.

Lemina: "Hey! That mega-hurt! Borgan, you lard butt! I know you did something to cause this, but why?"


Lucia stared at a mirror image of herself.

Lucia: [thinks: "How'd this come upon me? Maybe it's just a reflection."]

Lucia sticks her hand out and waves it. The other Lucia just blinked and took her weapon out. Going for the attack, Lucia evaded and and counter attacked with her staff. When she did so, Lucia also felt pain back.

Lucia: "Ouch! I didn't hit myself, did I? ::smacks herself, sees the enemy get hurt too:: Hmmm...."

An image of Althena appears.

Lucia: "Althena!"

Althena give encouraging words to each girl.

Jean: "Nall wouldn't hurt me!... I my knowledge, he wouldn't!"

Lemina: "This isn't my mother, she would never be near Borgan! I've also been waiting to waste this fatso!"

Each of the Magic Knights use their powers to defeat their opponents. Jean and Lemina used their spells to eliminate the evil Nall, Miria, and Borgan. Lucia attacked her psuedo self and healed to keep from dying. After defeating them, they were all transferred to the area where the Dragon Diamonds were stored.

Jean: "These are it... We better collect these and meet back with Ruby."

~~~~Jessica's Study~~~~~

Jessica inspects the materials and claps with joy.

Jessica: "Excellent! You three did a super job! All I have to do is create your weapons!"

She walks over to the bookshelf and pulls at a book. The entire bookshelf slides open.

Jessica: "I'll be back in a wee bit! ::bookshelf begins to slide shut:: I can't believe I have to work with dragon shi--"

The trio and Ruby blink a little as they stood around.

~~~~The Grindery~~~~

Xenobia returned to Ghaleon and weakly knelt before him.

Zophar: [thinks: "Now she'll get it!"]

Xenobia: "They were too annoying... Master Ghaleon..."

Ghaleon rolled his eyes and waved his hand. Instantly Xenobia was encased in crystal.

Zophar: "Yesssssssss!!!!!!! My competion is gone!"

Ghaleon: "Hm?"

Zophar: "*cough!* I only said that Xenobia certainly got what she deserved, all-mighty Master Ghaleon."

Ghaleon: "Riiiiiiight ANYway, I can't figure out what to do next. I suppose I'll need someone else to take Xenobia's spot." [thinks: "Zophar's getting weird on me..."]

Phacia: "Xenobia didn't cut it when it came to facing these wimps!"

Zophar: "And what do you plan to do differently?"

Phacia: [narrows her eyes at Zophar] "That's for me to know and for you to find out!"

Ghaleon: "Phacia... don't fail me!"

Phacia smiled at Ghaleon and gives a flirty wink. She disappears in a flash.

Zophar: [thinks: "Not another one..."]

~~~Jessica's Study~~~~

Jean plays around with her flame magic, making her finger act like a match lighter, switching on and off the fire.

Jean: "Heehee, fire!"

Lemina: [a bit edgy] "You mind finding something more productive to be bored with? You're making us nervous!"

Jean: "Fine then!" [stops]

Jessica: [walks in] "I finished your weapons!"

Handing them out, Jean got Diamond Gloves, Lemina got a Diamond Bow and Arrows, and Lucia got a Diamond Staff.

Jessica: "You know, you almost can't even call yourself Magic Knights! None of you have swords... oh well, on with business. To remind you all: remember that these weapons are evolutionary and will grow as you do. I've also got another present. ::pulls out the White Dragon Wings:: These will help you go to each town within seconds. Normally, you would of had to have been there originally to have the ability of transporting, but this is a crossover. Because of that, we're going to cheat out of walking for the sake of making this fanfic shorter,"

Lemina: [::mumbles: "Too late for that...."]

Jean: "Alrighty ::grabs the wings:: where do we want to go?"

Jessica: [hands to Lucia a booklet labled 'script'] "This will solve everything."

Lucia: [opens up and reads aloud] "HOW ABOUT WE HEAD TO MERIBIA?"

Lemina: [reads next line] "GREAT IDEA. LET'S GO!"

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